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Things You Need to Know

Helen Domleo Jewellery is made from sterling silver and is meant to be worn and enjoyed. Here are a few tips to keep you jewellery looking shiny.

Tarnish, is caused by many things in the environment, especially perfume, moisturizer, hairspray, soap, shampoo, cleaning products, perspiration and hand sanitizer. As a result it will probably be necessary to clean your jewellery regularly.

Four ways to keep your jewellery looking it best:
- Only put on jewellery after you have finished putting on makeup, hairspray and perfume.
- Do not wear your jewellery when you are in the shower or swimming.
- Remove jewellery before exercising.
- Store jewellery correctly see below.

How to clean your jewellery
You can wash your jewellery if it has no stones or pearls in it. Wash with warm water and dish washing liquid, if there is dirt in the nooks and crannies use a soft natural bristle tooth brush to clean. Dry it strait away with a soft lint free cloth.
If your jewellery needs a little more care a specialist silver polishing cloth is ideal. It is made from pure cotton that is infused with special silver cleaners and all you need to do is rub it over your jewellery.
2 things to avoid cleaning your jewellery with
Silver dips. Avoid silver dips because even though they work in the short term you will find the piece will tarnish more quickly and therefore have to be cleaned more often.
Toothpaste is another old wives favorite for cleaning jewellery but it is mildly abrasive and will leave fine scratches on it.

How to store your jewellery
It is best to store jewellery in a cool, dark and moisture free place.
If it was a hot day, give it a quick wash with warm water and dishwashing liquid, make sure you dry it off properly before storing.
 Give your jewellery a quick polish with a silver cloth before putting it away and store jewellery in an airtight plastic box
Some of those silica bags you get are great a removing moisture from your jewellery box.

I hope you enjoy wearing your silver jewellery and that it has a long and happy life with you!

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