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About Me


I am a South African jeweller living in Nottinghamshire. Inspiration for my jewellery comes from leaves, seedpods and other natural objects. Textures are an important part of my work and I begin by imprinting the surface of the metal using a rolling mill or by hammering and stamping to create rich textures. I then delicately hand saw the silver to shape and form the pieces into wearable jewellery.

After leaving school I worked in the African Art and Archaeology departments at the Africana Museum in Johannesburg, before going off to study at WITS University. During this time I was able to spend lots of time in the African bush. After finishing my studies in the 1980’s I travelled to Australia and South East Asia where I had the opportunity to study traditional silver smithing in Indonesia.

On returning to South Africa I spent time collecting Zulu baskets. From there I went on to work in the palaeoanthropology department at WITS University where I was fortunate enough to work at several of the well known early Hominid sites in Gauteng. Much of this work was carried out on game farms and in the bush, which provided vast quantities of inspiration for my work. I moved on to work at MuseuMAfricA where I was head of the African Art and Archaeology collections; this helped to develop my unique style of jewellery.
I always jumped at every opportunity to travel and do field work not only in South Africa but also in Northern Namibia doing research among the !Kung people, the Ciskei and every Archaeological excavation I could get to. This allowed me access to some very remote and beautiful places where I was able to collect a range of seedpods and leaves that still inspire my work today. My extensive travels and love of traditional African art forms have had a lasting influence on my work.
I have a passion for teaching jewellery making and like to make classes accessible even for people who do not view themselves and being artistic. I find teaching very stimulating as it gives me the opportunity to explore my art while helping pupils create pieces they love and enjoy wearing.

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